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I have devoted my career to the pursuit of teaching and creative excellence.  I am a Professor of Dance at the University of Wyoming, where I have had the privilege of abundant opportunities for choreographic and scholastic exploration, collaboration, mentorship and administrative growth. Sabbatical opportunities  in New York City (2016-2017 and 1996-1997) and London (2012 and 2003) allowed for creative research in historical dance, extensive observation that continually informs my teaching, creative and residency/festival planning, teaching in NYC, and ultimately productive days immersed in research and musing at Ellis Island for which I am evermore impacted. 


I am continually enthralled with the beauty of dance and its power as theatrical expression.  I am a classicist at heart.  Continuity in training, constant reflection, reverence for the form and its evolution, and a penchant for patience and a steady belief in one’s potential are solid tethers for me as an educator and choreographer.

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